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Membership categories

IFAN has four categories of membership.

National members are usually standards user organizations/committees in a given country/customs territory which admit standards users to their membership without restrictions with respect to professions, industry sectors, sub-divisions of territory, etc.

Developing national members

Developing national members are national standards user bodies with limited economic resources

Corporate members are industrial and commercial companies and corporations, sole traders, consultancies, professional and trade associations, public sector bodies, etc. which deal with the use and/or implementation of standards.

Individual members are persons who use standards in their day-to-day work or who are experts in standards and/or standardization.

Associate members are members of the Federation who are individuals who may, on account of their standards professional knowledge and expertise, participate in the work of the Federation as individual experts and who have been admitted

into the Federation at the invitation of the Board, with no voting rights, in accordance with the IFAN Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

Annual membership dues

The IFAN Board, after negotiation with the interested parties, determines the dues of new members within the limits given below. The dues are allocated in units:

– from 1 to 16 units for national members,

– from 1 to 50 units for corporate members,

– from 0 to 2 units for national developing members.

The value of the unit is decided by the Board for each financial year.

The current value of the unit from 1 January 2018 is CHF 105 as agreed by the members at the 2016 Members’ Assembly.

Procedure for joining IFAN

Any organization, company, governmental agency, professional or trade association wishing to become a member of IFAN is invited to complete the Membership application form for national IFAN members; the Membership application form for national developing IFAN members or the Membership application form for corporate IFAN members, as appropriate, and send it to the Secretary of IFAN.

The IFAN Board decides on the admission of new members and fixes the membership dues in agreement with the applicants.

The Secretary informs the applicants of the decision concerning their admission to IFAN and informs the IFAN membership about new IFAN members.

Application forms

Corporate Members, please click here for a PDF or for Word version here

National Members, please click here for a PDF or for Word version here

Developing National Members, please click here for a PDF or for Word version here

Individual Members, please click here for a PDF, or Word version here